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Yoga at Uisneach: a Journey through the Celtic Calendar

Summer Solstice

Join myself and Mary Gardiner of Shiva Yoga for a very special Summer Solstice Celebration on the banks of Lough Ennell, where we will harness the energy of the sun through devotional movement and intention setting. The Summer Solstice is the high point of summer and the Celtic celebration of light, abundance, blossoming and wild abandon. Solstice means ‘sun standing still’ – it is the time of stillness just before the sun changes direction. The Solstice marks a threshold in the Celtic Calender, the longest day and high point of light and energy. It is the turning point of the year, where the days begin to shorten and the darkness returns. The Summer Solstice commonly falls on June 21st, which is also International Yoga Day, and we will be gathering together on the banks of Lough Ennell to mark these events. By celebrating these festivals and tuning into the rhythm of nature, we can recognise our own natural, inner rhythm. The invitation is to shine our inner light and allow that light to illuminate the known and unknown within, both the light and the dark places. With the Solstice we can honour the path we are on, acknowledging what we are manifesting in the world. The change of seasons also brings transitions and shifts in our energy. It is an opportunity to set intentions and release what is no longer serving us. What to expect: Fire Ceremony Solstice Flow outdoor yoga Optional Dip in the lake Community connection (and cake!) When: Tuesday 21st June 7.30 – 9.30/10pm Where: Lilliput Adventure Centre, Nure, Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath Bookings and cost: Tickets can be purchased for €25 at What to bring: Yoga mat, Comfy warm clothes to practice, swimming gear, towel, hot water bottle/coat/socks/hat may be needed after the swim as it will be colder in the evening.

Summer Solstice Celebration

Tuesday 21st June 730pm
Lilliput Adverture Centre on the banks of Lough Ennell

Tickets through Shiva Yoga Kilbeggan